Editorial Process

Here at davidtang.page, I write about my personal opinions as a medical doctor on topics including health gadgets, home monitoring devices, general health tips and insights to better understand personal health.

My mission is to have unbiased, patient-first information. All content is created to ensure the best benefit of anyone seeking to improve on personal health. This means ensuring the safety of any articles, reviews, or recommendations. 
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I have in-depth experience in managing, interviewing, assisting, and healing patients suffering from the misuse of health products. The public is often not exposed to such events until problems happen on an individual basis, and again it is usually confidential information. There is a sea of misinformation on health out there, which can be confusing for anyone to navigate.

As part of my role, I often educate and assist patients with the use of home monitoring. It is of vital importance that people get the best insights out of the devices used. Bringing the right information to your healthcare provider can make a world of difference.

I do not comment on areas outside of my expert knowledge and experience. But those that do fall in my domain will be vetted with professional rigor.

David's Methodology

There are four pillars to which I hold myself to; these are the professional code of conduct (think about it as the modern Hippocrates oath).

⚖️Justice (fairness, equality)

👍Beneficience (do good)

🙅‍♂️Non-maleficence (do no harm)

🤳Autonomy (power of choice)

There is a strict process by which I select what to publish and review. Where possible, in-depth and expert, peer-reviewed information is used. The products which are reviewed will also be examined under the same guidelines.

I provide impartial analysis with comparisons based on pricing, features, safety, and function. The information produced is transparent, with clear references to source information.

Where affiliate links or sponsorships are in place, these will be clearly mentioned. This is to both ensure that information is unbiased and to keep this site running.

Testing Policy

Personal testing is conducted where possible, drawing from prior years of experience handling medical devices. Besides that, I also perform research from various angles including official documentation, scholarly publications, competitor analysis, and user forums. The cumulative information is then assessed and summarised to provide readers with full and informed decisions should they wish to make any purchases.

Regular Updates

The landscape surrounding health and medical topics is constantly evolving, with new research being released all the time. There are large pipelines of drug development and even larger national health programs running at all times. I regularly assess my articles whenever new information is released and update any advice that may have become outdated.

Quality Assurance

I am committed to providing accurate information and have a meticulous review process. Prior to the publication of an article, it will be thoroughly checked for clarity, facts, grammar, and adherence to the editorial guidelines. AI writing tools are used in part for ensuring readability, but never as a whole in any work.

Summing it up

I understand how it feels at times as an outsider to the medical field. It is daunting, full of jargon and conflicting information. That is one of the reasons for the birth of this blog. I endeavor to provide reliable information in a simple way to readers with these editorial processes.