Mid-year, Mid-journey 2024

Mid-year, Mid-journey 2024

It has been a while, friends. Or data tribe, or healthy peeps. I think we need to come up with a 'calling' that sticks here!

I have been really caught up with some things of late, realised I had this and not published it yet. Instead of keeping everything till a super large post, I think it best to regularly publish some updates.

That way we can get into the details. And honestly, with the recent Google search algorithm API leak (see Search Engine Land article) - I am not going to be too fussed with the whole keyword research that I used to do. The focus moving fowards is to put out more regular progress on my journey. I'm optimistic we are heading back to the good ol'de days of blogging, maybe.

Recently, I have been at a few community events. And co-hosted one myself!

It has been really a blast to see how fast AI is moving in the several different sectors. I am excited about the potential of it for the future, especially in healthcare.

Generative AI in Healthcare

Three personal takeaways from the fireside chat on "GenAI in Healthcare" that I have attended at the illustrious London School of Economics (May 2024).

🛠️Anna Dijkstra :Building AI for things that clinicians and patients care about. She mentioned all the tools that I wished I had as a junior doctor - discharge summary synethesis, imaging requests automation, etc. These tasks get repetitive very quickly and detract from the HUMAN aspect of healthcare.

🏛️Pritesh Mistry :Policy should not be overlooked - rather it offers a nice counterbalance to trailblazing and "building fast, breaking things". He has a good oversight of the ecosystem overall and highlights complications as a result of AI (ie. deskilling of staff, inadvertent encouragement of capital flows into pursuing hyperefficiency).

🌸Anna Studman :Public engagement is necessary for AI uptake, and we have great examples like Genomics England. Getting a conversation going between all stakeholders (patients, healthcare staff, senior or leadership in health, tech, governance) for equitable progress in the area.

AI Meetup Veracode - AiCamp

We had this cosy community meetup in central London at Veracode offices. It was really fun to have a variety of curated speakers from within the community share about their personal experience with GenAI.

Just briefly 3 takeaways:

☁️ Shanthababu Pandian discussed his Azure experience and discussed document synthesis and summarization.

🔊 Ivelin Kozarev showcased Skylar, an innovative AI sales training agent with cross-modal capabilities (speech<>text). Insightful, technical tips on optimizing for latency and user experience in production. I think multimodal GenAI is the way forwards.

🎨 Beatrix Meszaros kindly gave us insight into the thought processes and workflow of a creative director and how genAI can be a creative partner. Important issues of brand copyrights in image generation raised!

Kicking off the event, with our sponsors and partners at Veracode London.

Until next time, peeps! I am working on a post about my experience running communities in London. 👋

Super early for the event. Noone's here yet 😜

PS. Midjourney is the highly popular company that offers stable diffusion and generative AI for images similar to DALL-E. (It is simply a wordplay for my title).

David Tang