This is more of a strategic post. I am constantly thinking about how I can lead the direction of this blog to deliver MORE value for readers (yes YOU!). This is for the year 2024 – I am looking to build up this blog/newsletter/readership or even community.

First on the cards, is introducing a waitlist on the newletter. I have not been able to get any organic sign-ups yet, and I will be converting this into a waiting list. In the current payment structure, it could have been a bit too ambitious with a retainer plan (but do contact me if this something that interests you - see the third point).

Things that I want to do:

  • build a simple landing page for the newsletter
  • re-niching down and keeping topics focused and tight; more on this below
  • refine my homepage to reflect these changes better, I think it is currently a bit too broad

Secondly, doubling down on wearables content. I still think there is a good potential here, with rapid development in the space. It is highly competitive but that's where the fun is yeah?

What's coming up?

  • more data driven topics
  • I have some ideas involving scraping, text analysis and leveraging these into powerful data-driven content that serves readers better.
  • intergrate more health topics into the space, I'd like to put my clinical skills to some good use (these are the eventual long term goals) - I'll need to fill out the wearables niche first

Thirdly, starting to offer personalised services. Sort of consulting on the personalised digitial health landscape. This is vast field with large consultancies working actively in various areas including accreditation, legality and strategy advice. I am to solely focus on just one aspect, which is enhanced and personalized data analysis for individual health and performance.

I hope this will be an exciting 2024. It is already a quarter done, but still not too late to set my direction and focus. Time will tell, at the end of 2024 if this has panned out. Life is a winding road, walking down will tell its story!

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